The US entry into Eastern Europe can prove disastrous to the world.

Daniela Dessen
4 min readFeb 2, 2022

This decade is not off to a promising start. The cost of living is on an exponential rise, capitalist exploitation is at an all-time high, and there has been major geopolitical instability. With Israel fighting Palestine over the control of the West Bank, the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan, India making Kashmir a Union Territory, and North Korea testing their ICBM’s at an alarming rate, things don’t look good for this decade. And now to pop the cherry, Russia wants its hegemony back over Eastern Europe and is advancing on Ukraine. And the USA, as always, wants to intervene and fuck things up even more.

Assuming this situation escalates, which is very plausible, the world will once again be split into two worlds. I would love to be wrong about this, but the world is looking like it’s on the brink of dividing into blocks once more. I suggest this on the basis that during the UN session, the US and NATO voted in the favor of a debate on the Ukrainian matter, whereas Russia and China were against it. The world is dividing. And this time, the effects are going to be disastrous.

On one side, there are dictators and wannabe fascists, and on the other, we have the apparent good guys, namely, the democrats. Hopefully, the third world is sensible enough to maintain neutrality in times of high pressure and tensions.

Globalisation fused the world into one global village. The division of this ‘village’ into power blocks is going to create hurricanes in the life of billions.

Billionaire Problems

Everyone loves money. Nobody can have enough of it. Money dictates and rules our puny little lives. Yet the truckload money earners of the USA don’t want to go against China. They do not want a trade war neither a physical one, against their natural nemesis, China. Why is that?

While most Americans are correct in identifying that China is their nemesis, what they fail to identify is how much the American economy depends on China. Almost all major companies have their manufacturing units situated in China. Chances are that if you pick up your iPhone or any other electronic product, it will say ‘Made in China’.

The billionaires do not want to go against China because that will be bad for business. The interdependency of America and China on each other is crucial for both the countries’ economic infrastructure. That is why we can rest easy knowing that as of now, because of the capitalist pressure, America will not be doing anything serious against China. The enemy America is worrying about right now is Russia, and rightly so. Because Russia is deadly.

What makes Russia such a deadly enemy?

The thing that makes Russia deadly and have an upper hand over the West is the aspect of fascism in its administration. Russian power is completely centralised. Centralised power is way more efficient than a federal system like the USA. Centralised power allows quick decisions, no matter their consequences. And the fact that Putin is sharp as a blade does not help matters.

Another thing that makes Russia deadly is their indifference to public opinion. In a democracy, the rulers need to take public opinion into account no matter what, which is not the case in Russia. Russia, while technically being a federal democracy, can ignore public opinion and do as it pleases. That is why Russia is a dangerous enemy.

Ukraine is just a scapegoat in a clash of giants. The West is creating panic by sending troops to Eastern Europe while Russia is amassing a whole army on Ukrainian borders.

American Timings

There’s one thing we can all agree on, which is that America loves to play on the international field, yet its timing sucks. Whether the late entry in WW2, the bombing of Japan, the excursion in Vietnam, or leaving Afghanistan, the USA manages to mess up their timing about every time.

This time, the USA has prematurely entered a conflict which they shouldn't have. The US should have left this conflict to be dealt with by its NATO allies and only entered if the situation heated up. The US has successfully created mass panic by sending troops to Eastern Europe and tried to intervene in a situation in which it should not have intervened. Diplomatic talks are failing constantly and any attempt at negotiations are going to waste.

Once again, I would love to be wrong, but I fear that US intervention is the spark that may light the fire of conflict in Eastern Europe. Let’s hope this situation does not escalate because if it does, the consequences are going to be catastrophic.

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February 2022



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